Whatsapp Stable API

Get instant access to the stable Whatsapp API with CERDAS and start sending and receiving messages in your application today.



Some use cases


Reach your customers where they already are, with urgent updates like travel itinerary changes, system outages, location-targeted alerts, and more.


Develop systems that can interpret what your customer wants and send responses according to your business needs using the shipping API and webhooks.


Engage your customers in your campaigns by sending content directly to your Whatsapp. Get answers instantly and increase your results.


Share information about orders, deliveries, appointments, payment processing and more on a platform that your customers check all the time.


Amazing Features

Unlimited Sending and Receiving

You can send as many messages as you wish! In addition, we support sending text , images , audios , videos , and various types of messages > documents (such as .doc, .pdf, .zip, and others).

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Easy to set up webhooks

Our webhooks are simple and objective. With a few lines of code you will be able to integrate them into your application and start taking action when messages are received or a certain status update of sent messages occurs.

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Multiple and Unlimited Devices

Register as many devices as you like and start using them immediately in parallel to send and receive your messages. Each device has a dedicated virtual server that will accurately support all its operations.

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